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RoseAnn DeMoro, executive director of National Nurses United, urged supporters of Medicare for All to “trust” Sanders’s judgement in opposing Daines’s ploy by refusing to vote for his single payer amendment.

“I believe that Bernie will take any and all opportunities to fight for single payer,” she told Common Dreams.

But DeMoro argued the very fact “that guaranteed healthcare for all Americans can be used as a hammer by the Republicans demonstrates how far flung the political elite has become from the realities” faced by the public on a daily basis.

With their single payer amendment, “Republicans are essentially trying to demonstrate that Democrats are hypocrites,” DeMoro argued. “If there was ever an issue where the Democratic Party should not have been vulnerable, it’s healthcare. Yet here we are.”

“If the healthcare ‘debate’ was serious, what you would see in the media, the actual comparisons between the repeal, the ACA, and Medicare for All,” DeMoro concluded. “The D.C. insiders, with rare exceptions, are caught in a political matrix while people’s fears are manipulated.  It’s a very sick America.”

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