“That North Carolina can no longer call its elections democratic is shocking enough,” wrote Reynolds in the News & Observer, “but our democratic decline goes beyond what happens at election time. The most respected measures of democracy […] all assess the degree to which the exercise of power depends on the will of the people: That is, governance is not arbitrary, it follows established rules and is based on popular legitimacy. The extent to which North Carolina now breaches these principles means our state government can no longer be classified as a full democracy.”

Barber observes that athletics institutions such as the National Basketball Association, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, and the Atlantic Coast Conference have already decided to boycott the state in response to HB2.

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And this week saw historians following suit, as directors of the 2018 Business History Conference announced they were moving the conference location from Charlotte, N.C., to Baltimore, Md.

Many large corporate entities are headquartered in North Carolina—from Bank of America to Lowe’s—and supporters of democracy are also urged to “vote with [their] wallets” and take their business elsewhere.

According to Barber, the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP will create a formal proposal to take to the national board of the civil rights organization, asking for approval of and support for a nationwide boycott of the state.

“Following the successful boycotts of South Carolina over its refusal to retire the Confederate flag and over Arizona’s unjust targeting of immigrants and their families,” writes Barber, “this economic boycott will send a message to the state that governments that violate the rights of their citizens must pay a high price for their abuses.”

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